Welcome to our LRA 2011 Poster Session

We’re thrilled you have stopped by to talk to us about what we’re learning about teachers’ evolving conceptions and practices of literacy in a community of practice that has been committed to the thoughtful integration of technology since 2009.

The work we’re presenting today is an extension of work very recently published in the Journal of Education.

This website is the digital home for the supplementary resources that extend the findings we’ve reported on our poster.

Here, you can find

  • Downloadable .pdfs of our Definitions of Literacy (2008 and 2011) instruments.
  • The link to the online survey that our participants completed.
  • Quotes from our participants that reflect the themes we outlined on the poster.

Again, thanks for your interest in our work!

Douglas K. Hartman
Paul M. Morsink
Michelle Schira Hagerman

Literacy Achievement Research Center
Michigan State University